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Don't become an Identity Theft Victim

Identity theft occurs almost every 3 seconds!

Last year over 11 million Americans were victims of Identity Theft; that translates into a new victim almost every 3 seconds. This makes identity theft the single largest and fastest growing category of crime in the United States. Last year, for every burglary in the United States, six identities were stolen. Are you next?

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Identity Theft ProtectionHow We Protect You

Protection Detection Correction
Most Identity Theft solutions only focus on detecting and correcting identity theft. Security Doctors gives you the tools to proactively defend against fraud. Early detection is essential in preventing or minimizing the damage from identity theft. Security Doctors can detect and halt fraud before real damage is done. In the event identity theft does occur, Security Doctors members are appointed an ICFE Certified Restoration Specialist, and enjoy the coverage of identity theft insurance.

Our Solutions

Security Doctors leverages cutting edge technology and the nations’ largest identity theft database to provide you with the most advanced identity theft protection available.

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Identity Restoration
Identity Insurance
Resource Center
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Real-Time Identity Monitoring & Alerts    
Instant Fraud Alerts & Stops    
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Take advantage of Security Doctors' world class identity theft protection programs. Whether you are looking for basic protection from our Silver Program, advanced protection from our Gold Program or premium protection from our Platinum Program, Security Doctors has a program to fit your needs.

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